Mobile Compatible

RealVol works great with RealVol Mobile app, which works with most mobile headsets like Google Cardboard and Daydream VR

Imagine a classroom full of students exploring a medical case in virtual reality while the instructor guides them in a collaborative environment. Sounds futuristic? Not anymore.

Compatible with all modern devices based on Android and Apple iOS.

Realtime VR Demo

Check out an operator flying through a CT scan in full virtual reality using HTC Vive Headset and controllers.

Complete demo

Complete fly-through demo with multiple CT and MRI datasets, while experimenting with Transfer functions to color and edit the models.

Research focused

RealVol is driven by the top research in the field of Computer Graphics and we are constantly working with one of the top lab at India, the Graphics Research Group, IIIT Delhi, under the mentorship of Dr. Ojaswa Sharma

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